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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

way back at the end of May ~ where it all begins again

So in May as Summer was fast approaching, that's when I always get the itch to grow my event planning revenues.  During the year I'm a teacher and that keeps me busily occupied, but when summer is approaching and I know that paycheck is going to end for a few months, well, something about that just re-motivates me.

One of my good friends at school was going to be leaving our building to go to another and so we decided to throw her a small goodbye bash.  I put my thinking hat on and volunteered to make the favors and a banner.  I had been most recently seeing some darling party banners online and wanted to try my hand at one.  Here's what I came up with:

I hadn't gotten my fancier camera yet and so I was having a hard time getting it all in one shot, but it said Goodbye Kelly!

I was also having trouble with the sun cooperating with my picture taking.  This was my first attempt at a banner and I was pleased.  I used alot of different scrapbooking paper and some pre-cut circles from Archivers.  We have one very close to my home and I love visiting there and seeing all of their new products.

I also made some water bottle labels using Publisher and added some ribbon.  This was my first attempt here too!  I think they are OK.  I could do better now!  :)  I love adding the multi-colored ribbons.  They dress everything up!

All in all, she was pleased and we are all going to miss her bunches!! :)  Miss you Kels!

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