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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

cuteify your life ~ candy bouquets

I've been thinking about what wonderful swim teachers my girls have had this summer and wanted to do something a little more special for them and candy bouquets came to mind.  I have some clay pots in the basement that we painted long ago and never did anything with and they would be perfect for a simple 'thank you' gift for a wonderful summer teacher.  Here's some summer inspiration!!!

Start with the type of candy you want to use, buy it or make your own like they did over at The Decorated Cookie.

At Bentley Boutique they have a cute idea for a bubblegum bouquet. 

Here are gumballs that are darling as a bouquet item:
You can find them over at Ruffled.

My BFF (blogger fav friends) Dawn at Not Just a Mommy does a whole tutorial on these gumball bouquets and she has alot of really cute pictures.

Whatever you decide I'm sure will make that special someone in your life smile just because you thought of them in such a yummy way.

Here are some book suggestions:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

let's try one more time :)

   WOW!  it worked!
I did it!  Pat on the back, now bedtime :)

doing this blogging thing right

I went to Borders today and figured that if I'm going to do this thing I might as well do it right. So I bought a book and sat at Starbucks for a few hours and tried to see if my blog is accomplishing its goals. I bought Google Blogger for Dummies, that's me :), and Visual Quick Project's Publishing a Blog with Blogger. As you see the changes over the next few days, weeks, months, you'll have to let me know what you think? How did I do? My goal is to build my knowledge about my passion ~ Event Planning ~ through the portal of my blog...Back to my reading! 

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