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Monday, June 28, 2010

following my dreams

i have had a dream for ten years of working in the event planning is a dream that isn't going away...i'm a teacher by degree but the last 5 years have proven very hard to break back into public school education after staying home to have my 4 beautiful now i find myself at a crossroads...which way shall i go...while i will keep my eyes and ears open for just the right teaching position, i will no longer live my life as if it depends on my finding a teaching job...i refuse to let my happiness ride on the chaotic waves of the public school system...i will follow my dreams and who knows where they will take took one little status update on my facebook page to generate a request for assistance in planning a birthday party...i took it...i will continue to follow each and every lead that is presented to me...this is what i know, i love and am energized by planning is one of my passions...i am good at it...people are made happy by my work...i will continue to follow my dream...

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